In many places around the world, Janneke has accompanied communities in struggles to protect their land and water, led advocacy campaigns and worked with farmers and other practitioners in documenting and strengthening their agroecology experiences.  Janneke has undertaken research for various institutions including the FAO and Coventry University. She co-authored the book ‘Agroecology Now! Transformations towards more just and sustainable food systems‘ (2020, Palgrave McMillan) presenting a new transformation framework.

Janneke facilitated a range of international strategy, knowledge exchange and skill share processes, using principles of co-creation, self organisation and collective wisdom.  She gained much experience through working with Friends of the Earth, Groundswell International and ILEIA. Besides her work with Cultivate!, Janneke is currently a part-time food policy advisor at a Dutch municipality, is active in the Dutch food sovereignty platform Voedsel Anders and serves on the Board of Forest Peoples Programme NL.

Janneke holds an MSc in International Relations at the University of Groningen (the Netherlands) and has spent considerable time in Africa and Latin America. She speaks English, Spanish, Dutch, French and German.

Her commitment to making change started when as a child Janneke became aware of the woes of industrial food production. As a student, she set up environmental campaigns, and travelled to rural Nicaragua and Ghana. In the decades that followed, Janneke worked with campaign groups around the world and lived in Ecuador with her family. Today, Janneke lives in a co-housing arrangement in the Netherlands and enjoys harvesting her own vegetables from a community plot. Janneke also recently took up beekeeping and volunteers with a migrant support organisation.

Expertise: Transitions and transformations; power and governance; self-organisation; decolonialism; movement building.
Skills: Policy analysis; international strategy development; group facilitation; editing. 

Contact: janneke[at]