Leonardo is actively engaged in peasant and social movements across the world. He has obtained a PhD degree at Wageningen University focusing on transformation by the agroecology movement. Theoretically his interest lies in combining a posthumanist perspective with insights from agrarian political economy and post-structuralism. He has published on several topics including the peasantry, territories, food governance, social movement politics and agroecology.

Leonardo is co-founder of the Dutch chapter of La Via Campesina: Toekomstboeren, and of the Dutch Federation of Agroecological Farmers Organisations. For several years he has lived in Brazil to accompany peasant and agroecology movements in their stuggle for a better world and a better life.

For his work at ILEIA and within the European Coordination of La Via Campesina he has gained experience in writing manuals, formulating policy briefs and in editing the popular ‘Farming Matters’ magazine. He has also facilitated many strategic processes and organized trainings and peasant-to-peasant exchanges. Leonardo speaks English, Dutch, Portuguese and Spanish.

Contact: leonardo[at]cultivatecollective.org