Leonardo van den Berg

Leonardo van den Berg is  a Dutch-Brazilian who grew up in Mozambique. Already at a young age Leonardo has been trying to make sense of different worlds, looking for fruitful ways of connecting them. This is also present in his expertise in analysing discrepancies and bridges between different realities in agriculture and food production – including those between nature and farming, production and consumption, practice and policy and science and society.

Leonardo’s passion lies in contributing to food sovereignty by linking these realities through processes of collective systematisation, caravans and peasant-to-peasant learning and by building alternative including nested markets and peasant territories.

Leonardo gained experience at ILEIA where he worked as research and systematisation officer and was responsible for analysing and comparing a wide range of agroecological initiatives worldwide. He has experience in organising courses, trainings, exchanges and systematisation sessions on agroecology and has published on several topics including the peasantry, local markets, territories and agroecology.

He is actively engaged in peasant and agroecology organisations and movements in the Netherlands, Brazil, Europe and internationally. More practical experience he gained from working on a community supported horticultural farm led by his wife.

Leonardo holds an MSc in Rural Sociology and in Organic Agriculture. He is fluent in English, Portuguese and Dutch. Next to working for Cultivate Leonardo is currently also pursuing a PhD where he analyses how the agroecology movement, constituted by farmers, researchers and civil society organisations, is constructing land, market, innovation and education systems in Brazil by engaging with nature, science, society and government.

Contact: leonardo[at]cultivatecollective.org