Who we are

Cultivate! is an international collective of activist-consultants who catalyse and support healthy food systems rooted in agroecology.

We unite under a common political vision of transformative agroecology, but have diverse cultural, practical and thematic backgrounds, skills and expertise. Together we bring years of experience in action research, writing and editing, policy analysis and advocacy, facilitation of learning processes, strategic planning and evaluation and systematisation of knowledge from grounded practices.

Our unique contribution is that we bridge the fields of science, practice and policy. Our backgrounds and experience, which are in a mix of these fields, allow us to foster synergies between these three disciplines. This is urgent to accelerate the transition to new practices, policies and paradigms.

We work with farmers, social movements, civil society organisations, researchers, artists and policy makers to assist them in advocating for and realising the agroecological transformation of food systems. Meet our friends

Each of us is also rooted in the territories where we live. As a farmer, researcher, or activist, we help make connections in our communities between those who eat and those who produce, between practice and policy and between the academic and the peasant worlds.

The name Cultivate! was inspired by our vision of food system transformation for healthy societies. We envision a world where biodiversity, rich cultures, fertile land and healthy communities are cultivated when we grow, process, purchase and eat food. All over the world, people are currently cultivating the conditions for this transformation, and as we are seeking to contribute to this movement, our name is a call to action: Cultivate!

Meet the collective:

Janneke Bruil

Georges Félix

Georges Félix

Chris Satrya Chancellor