Who we are

Cultivate! is an international collective that catalyses the transition to healthy food and farming rooted in agroecology.

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The name Cultivate! was inspired by our vision of food system transformation for healthy societies. We envision a world where biodiversity, a rich culture, fertile land and healthy communities are cultivated when we grow, process, purchase and eat food. All over the world, people are currently cultivating the conditions for this transformation, and as we are seeking to contribute to this movement, our name is a call to action: Cultivate!

We are a non-proft foundation registered in The Netherlands.

The people at Cultivate! come from diverse countries and backgrounds. We have years of experience in action research, systematisation of grounded practices, policy analysis, facilitation of learning processes, strategic planning and evaluation, participatory video, writing and editing. We are based in different parts of the world and we can work in English, Spanish, French, Portuguese and Dutch. We regularly collaborate with associates on specific pieces of work.

Below, you can learn more about the people at Cultivate!. We look forward to hearing from you!

Janneke Bruil
Georges Félix
Georges Félix
Margriet Goris
Margriet Goris
Jessica Milgroom
Chris Chancellor