Cultivate! is an international collective that works with others for the transition to healthy food and farming rooted in agroecology.

At Cultivate! we consider self-organised food practice rooted in agroecology and food sovereignty as a key building block in the transition towards diversified, equitable and healthy societies. We aim to better understand and disseminate the factors of success that can accelerate the transition to new practices, policies and paradigms. For that, everybody needs to be on board. This is why we aim to foster synergies between the science, practice and movement of agroecology.

We are based in different places of the world and are strongly connected to social movements. We work from a decolonial perspective and uphoald feminist values.

Co-creation of knowledge and learning processes lie at the heart of our work:

  • We systematise, write up and share insights from thinkers and do-ers in food and farming in order to draw lessons for practice, science and policy;
  • We connect science, practice and movement, strengthening networks and relationships in and among territories;
  • We undertake participatory action research;
  • We facilitate strategic learning and thinking in groups;
  • and we use creative communications to share insights.

We collaborate with farmers and other food producers, social movements, rural and urban citizen groups, researchers, NGOs, artists and policy makers. Check out our friends here.

This is how Cultivate! seeks to contribute to more visibility, a supportive discourse, stronger territories, connected movements and an enabling political environment for healthy, just food systems rooted in agroecology.

Cultivate! undertakes its own activities, and also offers its expertise to other organisations in specific short-term or longer term projects.

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