Farming Matters


The magazine

Farming Matters magazine irregularly presents content on agroecology and its role within the wider transformation to sustainable food systems. It brings together stories and insights from grounded experience as well as broader perspectives, addressing the challenges faced in the struggle to amplify agroecology and achieve food sovereignty.

Diverse perspectives

The contributing authors come from diverse cultural contexts and practical or academic backgrounds. The mix of fresh perspectives and lived experiences that this generates is what makes Farming Matters so unique. As a result, the publication serves as a cumulative knowledge platform, with the aim to inspire readers and create connections that serve the advancement of agroecology.

Production & publication

The magazine itself has existed for over 35 years, and since 2018 Cultivate! has taken over its production and publication. Each issue focuses on a specific theme and is published together with a partner organisation. We work together with the authors to ensure that their stories and perspectives come across in a challenging yet understandable manner.

Some of the most compelling individual articles can also be found on our Platform sections In Practice and In Perspective

The latest issues:

Agroecology and feminism- Transforming our economy and society (2020)

This issue of Farming Matters magazine is dedicated to pathways towards a feminist agroecology. The magazine is packed with first hand experiences on strengthening agroecology from the bottom-up, as well as cutting edge opinions and perspectives on feminism and agroecology from around the world. The magazine was published in October 2020 and presented through a webinar with a selection of the authors. Produced in collaboration with AgriCultures Network and CIDSE

Read the magazine and watch the webinar.

Agroecology: A pathway towards the Sustainable Development Goals (2018)

On the occasion of FAO’s II Symposium on Agroecology in April 2018, Cultivate! has supported the  AgriCultures Network in producing a new issue of Farming Matters magazine. It presents some of the most convincing experiences of agroecology and family farming around the world. Thought leders such as Elizabeth Mpofu (La Via Campesina), Million Belay (Alliance for Food Sovereignty in Africa) and Paulo Petersen (AS-PTA) share their perspectives on why and how agroecology must be amplified. Farming Matters makes the case that with enabling political-institutional conditions, agroecology can scale up and scale out, and guide us on promising pathways towards achieving the SDGs. Produced in collaboration with AgriCultures Network and IFOAM-Organics International

Download the magazine (pdf)