German NGOs call on government to support agroecology

In February 2019, civil society organisations in Germany published a series of demands to their government under the title Strengthening Agroecology. For a fundamental transformation of agri-food systems

The paper is endorsed by 59 organizations from a wide range of areas: environment, development, peasant agriculture, food processing, fair trade and organic farming. They present ten essential elements of agroecology, and formulate a detailed list of demands to the German Federal Government with the view to strengthening agroecology at different levels.

The document states:

“Agroecology makes it possible to achieve many of the global Sustainable Development Goals. Policy frameworks at various levels have hitherto hindered a move towards agroecological approaches; these include policies on agriculture, nutrition, trade, bioeconomy, seeds and patents. Agroecology also plays only a marginal role in official development assistance.”

To change this situation, the organisations call upon their government to make agroecology the central concept in combatting hunger and poverty and adapting to climate change and to take it as a basis for the reform of the Common Agricultural Policy of the European Union.

Read the document: Strengthening Agroecology