Through groundbreaking cases written by key actors on the ground, this issue of Farming Matters magazine brings to the forefront how agroecology coupled with perspectives such as feminism and indigenous cosmologies has been transforming our economy and society. These insights offer pertinent lessons for the pursuit of new values for new times.

This issue of Farming Matters was published in October 2020 by CIDSE, the AgriCultures Network and Cultivate!. It was also presented by powerful speakers during a webinar on 7 October 2020.

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Read the articles:

Editorial: Agroecology and feminist economics – New values for new times
Janneke Bruil, Francois Delvaux, Assane Diouf, Rose Hogan, Jessica Milgroom, Paulo Petersen, Bruno Prado and Suzy Serneels

Perspectives: The path to feminist agroecology
Marta Soler Montiel, Marta Rivera-Ferre and Irene García Roces

The Emergent Kitchen: ‘food for life’ in Ecuador in the face of COVID-19
Eliana Estrella, Marcelo Azaiga, Stephen Sherwood

The power of women’s networks for agroecology in India – a photo story
Amrita Gupta

Opinion: The economic potential of agroecology in Europe
Jan Douwe van der Ploeg and Janneke Bruil

Can feminist agroecology be scaled up and out?
Isabel Álvarez Vispo and Ingrid Paola Romero Niño

Perspectives: The rise of rural women’s movements in Southern Africa
Mercia Andrews

Care ethics in agroecology research: practices from southern Mexico
Diana Lilia Trevilla Espinal and Ivett Peña Azcona

Highland agriculture in the hands of women in Bolivia
Lidia Paz Hidalgo

Opinion: Towards a feminist reparative agroecology
Rachel Bezner Kerr

“Agroecology in Africa has a female face” – an interview with Leonida Odongo
Leonardo van den Berg and Janneke Bruil

Agroecology nourishes the spirit of life with Maya cosmology
Juana Patricia Sanic, Manuela Elizabeth Telón, David Humberto Paredes and Felix Atonio Archila

Opinion: Reclaiming our Indigenous food economies
Diane Wilson, Rowen White and Elizabeth Hoover

Growing equity through agroecology in Uganda
Joshua Aijuka, Robert Guloba, Denis Okello and Mary Baganizi

Opinion: Pivoting from local food to just food systems
Colin Anderson, Jessica Milgroom and Michel Pimbert

Harvesting the liberation of peasant women in Brazil
Deborah Murielle Santos, Iridiani Graciele Seibert and Michela Calaça

Women organising agroecology for resilience in the Sahel
Tsuamba Bourgou and Peter Gubbels

In short: Stories from El Salvador, Zimbabwe, Nicaragua and Eastern Europe & Central Asia

Resources: Books and films about agroecology and feminist economics



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